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Maine Policy Review publishes timely, independent, peer-reviewed analysis of public policy issues relevant to the state of Maine. The journal is published two times per year by the Margaret Chase Smith Policy Center at the University of Maine. It is intended for a diverse audience, including state policymakers; government, business, and nonprofit leaders; students; and general readers with a broad interest in public policy.

Visit our University of Maine href="https://mcspolicycenter.umaine.edu/mpr/>Maine Policy Review" website for more information about the journal. ISSN 1064-2587 (print) E-ISSN 2643-959X (online)

Current Issue: Volume 28, Issue 1 (2019)



Local Politics from Away
Matthew Bourque



Reshaping Maine Woods Destinations for Twenty-First-Century Tourists
David J. Vail, Donna Moreland, and Mike Wilson


What Is “Too Cold?” Recess and Physical Education Weather Policies in Maine Elementary Schools
Lauren E. Jacobs, Anush Y. Hansen, Christopher J. Nightingale, and Robert Lehnard


Circular Food Systems in Maine: Findings from an Interdisciplinary Study of Food Waste Management
Skyler Horton, Hannah Nadeau, Andrew Flynn, Taylor Patterson, Shayla Rose Kleisinger, and Brieanne Berry


MPR 28(1)