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Andean Past (Anthropology)

ISSN 1055-08756

Andean Past is a peer-reviewed, open-access, green route, numbered publication series dedicated to research in the archaeology and ethnohistory of western South America. However, short research reports, obituaries, and autobiographies are subject to editorial review only. Although Andean Past focuses on precolumbian times, it includes articles on the colonial period that enhance understanding of indigenous cultures before 1492. Andean Past encourages data-based submissions, contributions to the history of Andean archaeology, papers grounded in environmental archaeology, fresh interpretations supported by accompanying data, interim and field reports, and the publication of short documents.

Journal of Archaeology and Education

ISSN 2475-7411

The Journal of Archaeology and Education is a peer-reviewed, open-access journal dedicated to disseminating research and sharing practices in archaeological education.

Nancy Gonlin, Editor

Margaret W. Conkey, Co-Chair

Dan Sandweiss, Co-Chair

Ryan Wheeler, Co-Chair

See the About this Journal for more information.

Journal of Spatial Information Science

ISSN 1948-660X (online) DOI:10.5311

The Journal of Spatial Information Science (JOSIS) is an international, interdisciplinary, open-access journal dedicated to publishing high-quality, original research articles in spatial information science. The journal aims to publish research spanning the theoretical foundations of spatial and geographical information science, through computation with geospatial information, to technologies for geographical information use.

Maine Policy Review

ISSN 1064-2587

Maine Policy Review publishes timely, independent, peer-reviewed analysis of public policy issues relevant to the state of Maine. The journal is published two times per year by the Margaret Chase Smith Policy Center at the University of Maine. It is intended for a diverse audience, including state policymakers; government, business, and non-profit leaders; students; and general readers with a broad interest in public policy.

Maine-Syracuse Longitudinal Papers (Maine-Syracuse Longitudinal Study)

Minerva (Honors College)

Annually since 2003, MINERVA has featured profiles of recent graduates, news about current students and alumni, updates on Honors College initiatives and events and much, much more! It has garnered three national awards since it was first published.

The Catch (Maine Sea Grant)

The Catch is a place-based, online literary journal published in association with the Downeast Fisheries Trail, a maritime heritage education and tourism effort in eastern Maine. We review submissions through February 15, 2017, with publication in late spring. To submit, use the Submit Article, link on the right sidebar.

The Cohen Journal (Cohen Institute for Leadership & Public Service)

The Olive Tree (Fogler Library)

The Olive Treepublished twice each year by Fogler Library at the University of Maine, features articles about library projects, collections, technological innovations, and events. The hallmark of the Fogler Library Friends, an ancient engraving of an olive tree, was adopted from the title page of La Cosmographie Universelle by André Thevet. The two volume encyclopedia, which was published in Paris in 1575, is shelved in the Library's Special Collections Department. One of the longest living trees, the olive tree parallels the development of civilizations..