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One-Week Curriculum for Grades 3-6 on Diversity and Inclusion Employing the Use of Kindness


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This project outlines a comprehensive one-week educational curriculum addressing topics surrounding diversity, inclusion, and prejudice; emphasizing on the employment of kindness and empathy. The overall goal of the project is to help increase connection and acceptance of people with different identities, beliefs, and cultures within the school system. Topics such as prejudice, race, and diversity can prove difficult to address; making an educational avenue in the form of lesson plans an excellent place to start (Bregmam, 2019). Through research and resources from PBS Kids, TEDX discussions, and first-person documentaries, a compilation of information and resources was used to create a comprehensive five-day lesson plan surrounding topics of diversity and inclusion, empowering the use of kindness within our communities and society. The lessons are appropriate for grades three through six and sectioned into five one-hour blocks in order to keep the age group engaged, active, and enjoying the educational experience. By normalizing complex conversation around diversity and inclusion in adult educators, one can provide an education that arms children with the ability to make a positive impact surrounding the topics from an earlier age. The lesson plan project emerged upon being tasked in a course with demonstrating knowledge covering the reduction of prejudice/increasing support for people in marginalized groups. Encouraging school age children to employ kindness in learning, and interacting with diversity and inclusion through the form of a lesson plan, works to create a generation that embraces topics of diversity and their importance.



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