This article presents a case focused on the experiences of a queer-identifying teacher candidate placed in an educational practicum setting lacking an open and affirming environment. The study examines the challenges faced by the student and explores strategies employed to navigate these difficulties. By analyzing the impact of a non-supportive practicum environment compared to a supportive practicum environment on the students’ well-being and professional development, this case sheds light on the classroom implications and broader discussions surrounding the inclusion of queer-identifying individuals in educational settings. This case underscores the significance of creating inclusive and supportive environments within teacher education programs. It emphasizes the need for classroom applications that foster diversity, cultivate brave spaces, and ensure equal opportunities for all students, irrespective of their sexual orientation or gender identity. By discussing the implications of this case, the article offers insights for educators, policymakers, and institutions in promoting inclusive educational practices that empower and support queer-identifying students in practicum placements and beyond.





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