COVID-19 and the demand for racial justice caused the dark underbelly of white supremacy to be laid bare during 2020. These events call for a reexamination of the ontological and epistemological frameworks in academe and specifically within the field of educational leadership. The legacy of white supremacist ideology prevails as the existing and accepted ontological and epistemological perspectives of history offered in PreK-12 through post-secondary education. The political, economic, and social context highlights the need for instructional and supervisory leaders to be culturally responsive school leaders. This requires that programs preparing these leaders must grapple with and problematize the existing narratives purported in PreK-12 and post-secondary education; and recognize that racism, implicit bias, discrimination, and anti-Blackness are foundational issues in the field. Reimagining preparation programs by incorporating critical theories and liberatory praxis to support the development of culturally responsive instructional and supervisory leaders is imperative.

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