Teaching anthropology online presents a unique opportunity to invite students to explore the world along with us, from wherever they might be. This journey can introduce students to the range of human potential and possibility, while also allowing them to better understand themselves, where they come from, their everyday lives, and the world around them. This article argues that online learning can transform offline living, especially when it engages everyone in their efforts to bring about change in their lives. It presents online teaching as a powerful act of engaged anthropology and an urgently needed experiment to develop online learning experiences that are relevant, useful, accessible, flexible, accommodating, and engaging for a wide range of students. Drawing on years of teaching anthropology online, this article offers tips and advice, along with specific examples and stories of lessons learned along the way. These tips encourage and help guide instructors to aim for “anthropology for everyone,” become a curator, think creatively about online possibilities rather than recreating on-campus courses, make anthropology relevant, and encourage real-world practice. By focusing on online learning for offline living, we not only teach students about the world, but actively engage with them to change and improve theirs.



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