Our 2012 article, “Putting Anthropology Into Schools,” argued that integrating anthropology and archaeology into K-12 schools must involve teacher preparation, state certification requirements, and in-service training. National anthropology and archaeology organizations’ decades-long push for the integration of their disciplines into schools was outlined but assessed as relatively limited compared to successful efforts in psychology, sociology, and economics. Some progress did occur, traced primarily to the National Science Foundation and other funders, alongside committed individuals with well-developed curriculum materials. Our 2019 publication includes the original article followed by an UPDATE outlining developments since 2012. Reports from the National Academies and the American Anthropological Association are discussed alongside efforts bythe Society for American Archaeology and the Archaeological Institute of America. Highlights also include initiatives to align anthropology and archaeology with national standards and global education goals; online resources for teachers and homeschooling parents; and informal, out-of-school opportunities including museum programs.



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