Books from 2016

Continuity and Innovation in Honors College Curricula, Robert W. Glover Editor and Katherine M. O'Flaherty Editor

Present Successes and Future Challenges in Honors Education, Robert W. Glover Editor and Katherine M. O'Flaherty Editor

Books from 2014

Advising and Mentoring Doctoral Students: A Handbook, Susan K. Gardner and Betina J. Barnes

Books from 2011

Women's Status in Higher Education: Equity Matters, Elizabeth J. Allan

Books from 2010

Reconstructing policy in higher education: Feminist poststructural perspectives, Elizabeth J. Allan Editor, Susan Iverson Editor, and Rebecca Ropers-Huilman Editor

On Becoming a Scholar: Socialization and Development in Doctoral Education, Susan K. Gardner Editor and Pilar Mendoza Editor

Submissions from 2009


Coming Out of the Sexual Harassment Closet: One Woman's Story of Politics and Change in Higher Education, Susan K. Gardner

The Development of Doctoral Students: Phases of Challenge and Support, Susan K. Gardner

Books from 2008

Policy Discourses, Gender, and Education: Constructing Women's Status, Elizabeth J. Allan