Andean Past is a peer-reviewed, open-access, green route, numbered publication series dedicated to research in the archaeology and ethnohistory of western South America. However, short research reports, obituaries, and autobiographies are subject to editorial review only. Although Andean Past focuses on precolumbian times, it includes articles on the colonial period that enhance understanding of indigenous cultures before 1492. Andean Past encourages data-based submissions, contributions to the history of Andean archaeology, papers grounded in environmental archaeology, fresh interpretations supported by accompanying data, interim and field reports, and the publication of short documents.

Current Volume: Volume 13 (2022) Andean Past 13




Elizabeth Polk Benson (13 May 1924-19 March 2018
Colin McEwan, Joan Wilentz, Monica Barnes, Elizabeth Hill Boone, Thomas B.F. Cummins, Jeffrey Quilter, and Martha King


Alana Cordy-Collins (5 June 1944-16 August 2015)
Christopher B. Donnan and Rose Tyson


Death Notices-Joerg Haeberli, Laura Laurencich Minelli, Ursula Wagner, Nancy Ellen Kirkhuff Porter, Billie Jean Isbell, Lynn Ann Meisch, & Bernard While Bell Jr.
Catherine J. Allen, Monica Barnes, Davide Domenici, Frances M. Hayashida, Vincent R. Lee, Carla Minelli, Carolina Orsini, Izumi Shimada, Ann Pollard Rowe, and Sofia Venturoli



The Settlement History of the Lucre Basin (Cusco, Peru)
Brian S. Bauer, Miriam Araoz Silva, and Thomas John Hardy

Research Reports


Research Reports, Andean Past 13
David Chicoine, Beverly Clement, Linda S. Cummings, Victor F. Vasquez S., Teresa Rosales Tham, Kylie E. Quave, Christopher Heaney, Alicia Hoffman, Reed Peck-Kris, and Victor Ponte

Multi-story building at the Huata site. Photograph by Alexis Mantha.


Monica Barnes
Daniel H. Sandweiss
Associate Editor
Ruth Anne Phillips