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Illustrations Challenging Tropes of LGBT+ Individuals


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Current LGBT+ representation in the media is not sufficient, often being prone to tropes that can be harmful to those in the community, or lacking in other categories such as race and body types (Hunte 2020, Jordan 2018, and Kaiser 2017). As various media are often controlled by those outside of this community, finding a way to help straight and cis people understand these issues and notice the same patterns will likely lead to change. This project for a psychology class is meant to simplify these issues in the form of individual pictures to get the point across quickly and easily by incorporating ‘flipping the script’ which reverses a situation unexpectedly. Four images were designed with queer (used to refer to people in the LGBT+ community as an inclusive adjective), and sapphic (refers to women that experience attraction to other women) characters. It is hoped that when notified, non-LGBT+ people can notice the same patterns, and this can be achieved through the use of images that showcase the subversion of tropes, inclusion, or common assumptions ultimately reducing harmfulness.



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