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Lois-Ann Kuntz

Marianne Thibodeau

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Students at the University of Maine at Machias (UMM) in the Psychology and Community Studies program conducted a survey to research on food insecurity at UMM. The survey was based off of 3 past surveys. The past research showed that food insecurity is a problem in Washington County and with UMM students. It was shown how often those who struggle with food insecurity struggle with the problem per week. It also showed how aware individuals are of the struggle of others. The current survey was sent out via email to an estimated 600-650 students and 80 responded. Receivers of the survey were online, off campus or on campus students. Flyers were created and hung around the UMM campus to attract more attention to the cause. The survey consisted of questions about demographics, Washington County food pantries, barriers, and awareness of both the problem of food insecurity and surrounding food pantries. Respondents were mostly from a 18-25 age range, but some did not fit this range. There was both male and female respondents. Of the respondents about half had experienced or were currently food insecure. It was found respondents wished for more non-food products such as hygiene products at food pantries. Preferences to what people would take from what pantries offered was collected. There was also data collected of what people would not take from food pantries. Results found many people that are not food insecure are receiving Food Supplement benefits, such as, SNAP benefits. The data and recommendations will be used to improve this problem among UMM students.



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