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Lois-Ann Kuntz

Marianne Thibodeau

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Abstract/ Summary

Early childcare education providers are seen as having many training needs. Training needs concur with the challenges most providers face, but not always. A series of focus groups conducted in Hancock County by Hanson (2017) provided an estimation of the resources present; the challenges early childcare providers faced; and the trainings that individuals would like to see. The school districts in the neighboring county, Washington County, were asked if the county was interested in having a similar audit. Washington County school districts declined suggesting that the county had all the services they needed. Instead this research was conducted to see if Washington County has all the resources it was preserved to have. When the research was conducted it was observed that there was striking similarities between the Hancock and Washington County studies in training and resource needs. Similar responses were collected about the perceived barriers and trainings recommendations that early childcare education providers would like to attend or have.