The Cohen Journal

Aims & Scope

We are observing the most dramatic cooling of the Russo-American relationship since the end of the original Cold War. The Islamic Republic of Iran’s nuclear ambitions continue to pose a threat to US national security and international stability. The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant continues to control territory in Iraq and Syria, which is forcing Western powers to consider re-engaging ground troops in the Middle East.

Domestically, the US intelligence community is embroiled in controversy with the revelations that the National Security Agency has in the past implemented a policy of “systemic mass data collection” of US citizens’ phone records. Dianne Feinstein, the former chairperson of the US Senate Committee on Intelligence, accused the Central Intelligence Agency of “spying” on the Committee’s computer system. She was also a prominent figure in the release of the controversial report on the Agency’s utilization of torture during the US’s “War on Terror.”

These events underscore the necessity for clear, thoughtful, and strategic leadership, both domestically and internationally. The Cohen Institute for Leadership and Public Service sought to establish a journal that is devoted to these important issues and others that relate to American domestic and foreign policy. In establishing The Cohen Journal at the University of Maine, we highlight and promote the quality student research found at Maine’s flagship institution of research and higher learning. Utilizing the work of both undergraduate and postgraduate students, we examine and discuss issues of vital importance, not only to the US but also to the international community.

Submissions to The Cohen Journal must relate to issues concerning US domestic and/or foreign policy. When there is ambiguity as to whether or not a submission is within the scope of the Journal, the editorial board, in conjunction with the faculty advisory committee, will make the final determination as to its suitability.

The Cohen Journal solicits submissions from both undergraduates, postgraduates, and graduates from within the University’s Political Science Department, School of Policy and International Affairs, and the Honors College. However, the Journal will also encourage submissions from students of any academic disciplines at the University of Maine, as long as the research relates to the scope of the Journal.