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High spatial and temporal resolution estimates of the particle size distribution (PSD) in the surface ocean can enable improved understanding of biogeochemistry and ecosystem dynamics. Oceanic PSD measurements remain rare due to the time-consuming, manual sampling methods of common particle sizing instruments. Here, we evaluate the utility of measuring particle size data at high spatial resolution with a commercially-available submersible laser di raction particle sizer (LISST-100X, Sequoia Scientific), operating in an automated mode with continuously flowing seawater. The LISST PSD agreed reasonably well with discrete PSD measurements obtained with a Coulter Counter and data from the flow-through sampling Imaging Flow-Cytobot, validating our methodology. Total particulate area and Volume derived from the LISST PSD agreed well with beam-attenuation and particulate organic carbon respectively, further validating the LISST PSD. Furthermore, When compared to the measured spectral characteristics of particulate beam attenuation, we find a significant correlation. However, no significant relationship between the PSD and spectral particulate backscattering was found.

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Boss, E., N. Haentjens, T. K. Westberry, L. Karp-Boss, and W. Slade, 2018. Validation of the particle size distribution obtained with the laser in-situ scattering and transmission (LISST) meter in flow-through mode. Optics Express, 26(9), 11125-11136.

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