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Letter from Samuel R. Lemont to his son Frank L. Lemont, July 1, 1862. In it he expresses his anxiety over Frank's current situation since they received news of a battle recently fought near Frank's regiment and that it is unclear what has happened. Samuel also notes that the family is doing well and that the weather has become rather erratic as of late, being rather hot and then changing to almost freezing weather with the appearance of a Nor'easter before he sent the letter.

Taken from the Paul W. Bean Collection, Box no. 277, f.8


Summer 7-1-1862


Lewiston, ME


Environment, Civil War, Home Front, letters, letter from home, Samuel R. Lemont, Frank L. Lemont, 5th Maine Volunteers


Military History | Social History


Included in the PDF is a scan of Bean's typed transcription of this letter. A modern transcription has been included for the benefit of the researcher.

Letter from Samuel R. Lemont to Frank L. Lemont, July 1, 1862