Battery-Free Wireless Communication System for Harsh Environments

Ali Abedi, Principal Investigator; University of Maine, Orono
Maruicio Mauricio Pereira da Cunha, Co-Principal Investigator; University of Maine, Orono

Peter Petersen, CEO, Mainely-wired LLC, Swanville, ME
Tim McDonald, President, Mainely-wired LLC, Swanville, ME
Tristan Petersen, Chief Engineer, Mainely-wired LLC, Swanville, ME
Patrick Fink, Deputy Chief of Electromagnetics Systems, NASA JSC, Houston, TX
Richard Barton, Senior Scientist, Electromagnetics System, NASA JSC, Houston, TX

Graduate Students
Evan Dudzik,
Kale Schrader
Robert Strauss
Jun Chen
Qian Gao
Stephanie Duy
Brian Tomassetti
Peter Delong

Tristan Petersen


In this project the problem of wireless communications in harsh environments, where usage of batteries are not feasible, is addressed. This research enables usage of wireless sensors in different types of harsh environments, such as: outer space and industrial places with high levels of electromagnetic radiation, noise, and interference (electromagnetically harsh) as well as extremely hot/cold environments (physically harsh) to monitor specific parameters such as temperature inside shuttle engine or on the exterior of shuttle when entering atmosphere. The developed technology is also applicable to monitoring civil infrastructure such as bridges and roads in Maine. This report summarizes the activities performed since start of this RID project up to date of this report.