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Stephanie Allard, Graduate Student
Scott Braddock, Graduate Student
Elizabeth Dengler, Graduate Student
Margaret Jackson, Graduate Student
Courtney King, Graduate Student
Tobias Koffman, Graduate Student

Undergraduate Student

Robin Arnold
Calvin Mako
Glenn McKenney
Patrick Ryan
Peter Strand

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University of Oxford, Oxford, UK
University of Washington, Seattle, WA

Project Period

September 1, 2010-August 31, 2014

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Open-Access Report

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4900 / 0944150

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This project was designed to develop knowledge of the extent of the Ross Sea ice sheet during the last two glaciations and to develop a chronology for the last glacial maximum and penultimate glaciation. To this end, we had the following goals:

1) Map the extent of the Ross Sea ice sheet along the western coast of McMurdo Sound from Taylor Valley to the southern Royal Society Range.
2) Develop a radiocarbon chronology for the last glacial maximum from dates of algal mats within moraines.
3) Produce a uranium-thorium chronology to gain information on the timing of the penultimate glaciation.
4) Synthesize the data to develop a better understanding not only of the behavior of the Antarctic ice sheet during ice-age cycles, but also of the role of the ice sheet in transmitting or driving climate changes.

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