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March 1, 2011-February 28, 2014

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Open-Access Report

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Objective 1 — Sperm advection-diffusion model: Develop a two-dimensional spatial model to predict the concentration o f sperm and effective range of fertilization in a sperm plume at varying distances from a source population of spawning males under scenarios of synchronous and asynchronous spawning.

Objective 2 — Fertilization assays in field populations: Conduct a time series of fertilization assays over experimental populations of scallops to (a) further develop the methodology to assess ambient sperm loads in scallop populations over the course of the spawning season, (b) compare model predictions about spatial patterns of sperm concentration and fertilization generated in Objective 1 to field observations on experimental populations, (c) determine the influence of differences in the sperm plume arising from two experimental populations spanning a ten-fold difference in male density, and (d) conduct laboratory flume experiments to evaluate potential biases introduced by Nitex egg baskets to estimates of absolute and relative rates of fertilization.

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