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New Mexico Tech

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August 2000-March 2003

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The primary goals of this project were to, 1) evaluate the volcanic acidity record in the Siple Dome A (SDMA) and B (SDMB) ice cores and the Taylor Dome ice core available through the sulfate time series developed by the glaciochemistry group at the University of Maine, 2) undertake a continuous scan of the SDMA core and scan specific sections in the SDMB core to locate and analyze volcanic glass to determine glass composition, and thus source eruptions for the glass and potentially for volcanic sulfate found in the same layer, and 3) evaluate specific sections containing volcanic glass in the Taylor Dome ice core as noted by visible layers in that core. A specific use of these volcanic records is to identify products of known volcanic eruptions, where possible, thereby providing distinct time lines that are used in developing the depth-age scale for the individual ice cores. In addition, the evaluation of volcanic glass can help differentiate signals that originated from local (Antarctica) volcanic eruptions and those originating from mid-latitude southern hemisphere or equatorial eruptions.

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