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Senior Personnel

Michael Hermann
Woodrow Thompson
David Smith
Ann Sielinski

Organizational Partners

Down East Area Regional Tourism
University of Maine Public Relations
Maine Department of Transportation
The U-Haul Company

Project Period

June 30, 2004-June 30, 2007

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Open-Access Report

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This project will design and produce 200,000 copies of an Ice Age Trail map that interprets for informal learners (tourist travelers, local residents, school students) the late Quaternary history of eastern coastal Maine, glaciated North America and the north Atlantic region. The map will lead geo/eco-travelers along public roads to critical stops where they can observe glacial, glaciomarine and vegetation features, as well as historical and human events described and interpreted on the map in photos, diagrams and text. The travelers will be drawn from the approximately 4 million visitors to Maine's coastal state and national parks. Additional dissemination will be via web cast through at least five separate websites.

Maine Ice Age Map and Guide: Down East

IceAgeTrailMap.pdf (1073 kB)
Maine Ice Age Trail Map

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