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Joseph Souney
Eric Meyerson

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University of New Hampshire

Project Period

July 1, 2000-August 31, 2001

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Open-Access Report

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The goal of this project has been to upgrade the ice core processing and analytical equipment. This has been accomplished in three major areas: the design and construction of an ice core lathe, develpoment of a continuous melting system, and new ion chromatographs. The lathe is a unique ice core processing tool that operates similiar to a wood lathe. The lathe will reduce or eliminate the need for the cores to be hand scraped, the first cleaning step of core preparation.

Our continuous melting system is a modification of existing designs. Unlike other systems, we will collect discrete samples for analysis of both cations and anions.

The new ion chromatographs are state of the art. Conductivity detectors provide high sensitivity and the associated autosamplers support high sample throughput.