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Abstract provided by the author: Beginning January 1, 1903 the Penobscot Log Driving Company, a confederation of loggers, gave way to Great Northern Paper Company that formed about 1900 and took over log driving operations in 1903. The 1970 drive was the last one and a clean up drive followed in 1971. This compendium of history and pictures (445) of Chesuncook Lake covers the 18 townships with water flowing into it from the north, east and south. People who lived their lives here are the primary focal point. Interspersed throughout the book are biographical sketches. Within each chapter and decade is information about the families and individuals present.

This book’s two opening chapters, access and farms, and Chesuncook dam and Ripogenus dam, provide a context for the history. Congregations of people lived at the head of Chesuncook Lake, Chesuncook dam, and at Ripogenus dam. Each location has a chapter organized by decades.

The leading logging chapter focuses on log driving dams and is followed by one on booming out, towing boom bags and sluicing at the dams. The cutting operations chapter is organized by year and includes interspersed informational snapshots pertaining to the operations. Within the book’s geographic area were a few men who lived alone as well as a small number of commercial and private sporting camps. They are included in the last chapter.

The book’s appendix contains corrections of errors appearing in Geller’s other three books devoted to West Branch of the Penobscot River history.


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