Document Type

Honors Thesis


Electrical Engineering


Don Hummels

Committee Members

Nuri Emanetoglu, Margaret Killinger, Beth Wiemann

Graduation Year

May 2023

Publication Date

Spring 2023


For my electrical engineering capstone, I designed and built a handheld analog synthesizer. This analog synthesizer is a musical instrument which uses electrical analog components to generate sounds with properties based on the user’s input. My goal when creating this device was to maximize its utility while remaining within the scope of the capstone project. After the synthesizer was built, I wrote and recorded several pieces of music which each utilized the synthesizer prominently. The aim of this process was to be able to explore the relationship between an instrument’s design and the quality of the music produced utilizing it. The resulting music was messy, but it was able to demonstrate the potential that an analog synthesizer like the one I built can have for creating quality music.