Document Type

Honors Thesis


Computer Engineering


Vincent Weaver

Committee Members

Nuri Emanetoglu, Andrew Sheaff

Graduation Year

May 2023

Publication Date

Spring 2023


The Vocal Conditioning Unit was a device designed, constructed, and programmed as a senior design project in Electrical and Computer Engineering by Tim Lester and Grady White. The device’s intended goal was to perform a role similar to Auto-Tune, but as a standalone device similar to effects pedals used by guitarists and other musicians on stage. On-the-fly audio processing, however, was deprioritized in the design of the original device due to other design considerations. In this thesis project, the original design of the Vocal Conditioning Unit is analyzed, and critical functionalities of the device are identified. Then, the device is redesigned to perform on-the-fly audio processing using a lower end microprocessor. Finally, comparisons are made between the original design and the new design, with consideration given to the issues still existing with both designs. Several possible solutions to on-the-fly processing for the Vocal Conditioning Unit were found, and all solutions technically perform pitch detection and adjustment. However, audio quality issues exist in all solutions.