Document Type

Honors Thesis


Earth and Climate Sciences


Seth Campbell

Committee Members

Aaron Putnam, Kristin Schild

Graduation Year

May 2023

Publication Date

Spring 2023


Bedrock fracture density is an important characteristic of bedrock that determines its structural formation, the potential for groundwater or fluid flow, and the capacity of erosion for exposed features. In the case of the Franconia Range, there are two primary bedrock lithologies that we wish to analyze. In this research, we conduct the first structural analysis and quantification of the bedrock fracture density of this region using Structure from Motion modeling and machine learning algorithms. Additionally, the algorithms were supplemented to be useful in determining fracture density in the subsurface geology of Ground-Penetrating-Radar (GPR) radargrams. The products of this work are useful in determining surface and subsurface fracture density of bedrock, potentially differentiating rock types at the surface and subsurface, and additionally will aid in the restoration of the Franconia Ridge trail system.