Document Type

Honors Thesis


New Media


Aaron Boothroyd

Committee Members

Jon Ippolito, Giles Timms

Graduation Year

May 2023

Publication Date

Spring 2023


Despite efforts to introduce Vietnamese culture to a global audience, most Vietnamese folktales and legends stay rooted within the country. When looking for examples of animated or interactive media, related to Vietnamese culture, the results often fall short. This project exists to fill that deficiency and teach aspects of Vietnamese culture through interactive storytelling.

This project aimed to retell a culturally significant Vietnamese tale, the Legend of Hoan Kiem Lake, while providing a visually stimulating and interactive web experience to those not familiar with Vietnamese culture. The project also aimed to determine if an interactive website can be more informative through engagement, as opposed to a static web presence. The project utilized Webflow as the bridge to integrate illustration and animation into an interactive web experience. “The Tale of Hoan Kiem Lake” started off as a passion project and remained such until the end.

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