Document Type

Honors Thesis


Computer Science


Sabrina DeTurk

Committee Members

Sepideh Ghanavati, Jon Ippolito

Graduation Year

May 2023

Publication Date

Spring 2023


In this creative Honors Thesis project, I have developed an initial, beta version, of an application that celebrates diverse perspectives through photo sharing within an interactive mobile interface. This application, titled NüLens and developed using the React Native framework, takes the form of a participatory digital art project, where members of the public have captured and submitted photos that (in their eyes) represent a predefined theme (in this initial release, the theme of nature). These photos were then aggregated into a mosaic of all other user-submitted photos relating to that theme, along with options to filter and sort the images with accompanying data about the photographer (whose identity will remain anonymous) such as their age range, ethnic background, and location, all collected through a survey developed using Qualtrics. This survey was shared with an audience of UMaine students and faculty, people around the United States, and even some in the EU. The ultimate goal of this project is to encourage users to reflect on their own perceptions of the world and the given theme, as well as appreciate and engage with other users' approaches to the same prompt, highlighting perspective and differences in perspective as something beautiful, and something to be celebrated.

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