Document Type

Honors Thesis


Business Administration in Management


Melissa Ladenheim, Julie DellaMattera

Committee Members

Leslie Forstadt, Alli O'Neil

Graduation Year

May 2023

Publication Date

Spring 2023


The purpose of this research is to conduct a resource assessment of family strengthening training programs in the state of Maine. The primary focus of the resource assessment is to identify the agency and provider-level barriers and facilitators that impact their capacity to provide caregivers with awareness of and access to programs. Prior to presenting the resource assessment, this thesis reviews data about key child and family issues in Maine and examines how family strengthening training is applied as an evidence-based tool to prevent child maltreatment, foster healthy attachments within the family, and nurture positive caregiving skills. The methodologies used to collect data are internet searching, surveys, personal communication, and interviews. The data collected points to the conclusion that interagency and intersectoral collaboration and information-sharing needs to be increased because provider referrals are of critical importance in facilitating access to family strengthening training. The thesis concludes with recommendations that collaboration and information-sharing be increased through network and coalition models, additional training is offered to providers on how to use available tools to access information about family strengthening training programs, and agencies and providers work to increase their outreach and engagement to community-based stakeholders.