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Honors Thesis


Political Science


Robert Ballingall

Committee Members

Robert Glover, Nathan Godfried, Joshua Jones

Graduation Year

May 2023

Publication Date

Spring 2023


The United States in the present day has experienced a rise of both incredibly productive automated technologies, approaching self-perpetuation, and fascism, entering and affecting significant social institutions. This paper aims to explain these phenomenon with the Marxist mechanics of the historical dialectic, conceptions of abstraction and material, and the behavior of capital – among other modes of production – and predict the broader development that is oncoming. It has been found that the rise of advanced and self-perpetuating automating technologies is indicative of an oncoming mode of production, ‘high automation’, and that fascism itself is a character, or subdialectical stage, of capitalism, which periodically appear during transitions under capitalism. Therein a social revolution, or reconstruction, to high automation is oncoming.

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