Colin S. Kolmar

Document Type

Honors Thesis

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In order to prove the effectiveness of educational explorations conducted in extra-institutional settings, this thesis focuses on information collected in unconventional learning environments. The information gathered during these experiences was subsequently synthesized and conveyed via non-traditional scholastic mediums. This particular extra-institutional learning experience involved the investigation into jazz and hip hop music styles through cultural immersion. In order to achieve the desired result, I traveled to New York City to witness jazz and hip hop performances in venues situated in the city of origin for both styles. My New York research experience also included visiting museums and libraries dedicated to the performing arts.

In an effort to emphasize the specific benefits presented by educational reporting through creative mediums, this thesis project involved composing original music and poetry that reflects the knowledge I acquired during my travels. Although the songs and poems are accompanied by explanatory materials which employ a scholarly level of discourse, the core of the thesis project is the creative works themselves. This thesis is, in its entirety, comprised of a small collection of original poetry about the various places I encountered on my educational journey, recordings of an original jazz song and and original hip hop song, an artist's statement clarifying the connection between my educational experience and the musical compositions, and the musical and lyrical frameworks of my pieces.