Document Type

Honors Thesis

Publication Date

Winter 2018


The purpose of this study is to do a comparative content analysis of two second grade math teachers’ manuals; one from Santiago, Chile and the other from Orono, Maine. I will be looking at and comparing one unit of study in both math teacher’s manuals: a unit on addition and subtraction.

This thesis will explore how the words and language used in the math teacher’s manuals may affect the way teachers teach addition and subtraction content and what is expected from the second-grade learners. For the comparative content analysis I will focus on, sort, and count the verbs that appear in the math teacher’s manual in one addition and subtraction unit of study. I will sort the verbs collected using the revised version of Bloom’s Taxonomy. After organizing this data, I will compare the two math teacher’s manuals based on the percentages and number of different verbs for each level of Bloom’s Taxonomy.