Document Type

Honors Thesis

Publication Date

Spring 5-2018


This study tested and compared the theoretical effect of variability in modulus of elasticity versus rod taper in the “action” of bamboo fly fishing rods. Action is a rod’s tendency to flex in specific areas when loaded and the extent to which it deforms in that area. MATLAB functions were scripted to plot the large deflection of bamboo fly rods in order to model the action of a rod given various properties. The bamboo fly rod was considered to be a cantilever beam with a point load acting on the end, and large deflection considerations had to be made. Materials testing was performed on bamboo to obtain an expected distribution of modulus of elasticity values to be used within the function. Various rod taper dimensions were retrieved from David Ray’s Taper Library and used in the deflection function. This study observed strictly the static deflection of bamboo fly rods in the considerations of material variability’s effect on fly rod action. Material variability in bamboo was found to have a significant impact on the action of a fly rod with respect to taper.