Document Type

Honors Thesis

Publication Date

Winter 12-2016


Reconstructed takes the opposite approach to the typical cancer narrative. Instead of witnessing the diagnosis and subsequent decline of a character, the reader is presented with a woman seeking to rebuild herself. She begins her journey fearing that her physical changes have altered her identity. She feels distanced from her everyday life and the things she once enjoyed, as if she's merely playing the part of what she used to be. As she begins to heal from this traumatic period in her life, she must face the reality of the situation and redefine what it means to be herself.

The story is told from the perspective of this woman and is conveyed through fragments of her life. Each chapter features a distinct post-treatment moment where she reflects on what has happened and where she may be headed in the future. These moments are characterized by a slowing of narrative time, allowing these often short fragments to be extended and explored thoroughly.