Document Type

Honors Thesis

Publication Date

Spring 5-2016


In this thesis, the development and application of a dynamic model of the 2016 Autonomous Boat Team’s catamaran are discussed. The model is two dimensional and describes the motion of the boat in a calm freshwater environment. The linear and rotational equations of motion used in the model were derived by employing Lagrangian dynamics, and the thrust of the motors and drag of the hulls were found through experimentation. The resulting equations are ma = (1/2) ∙ p ∙ x2CDfA+2F and 1a = (b/16) ∙ p ∙𝜃2CDrA+F2 ∙ (b/2) - F1 ∙ (b/2). The thrust and drag here vary with respect to voltage and velocity.

The following document is organized to first supply the reader with background information sufficient to understand the project’s purpose and merits and then discuss the experiments and derivations necessary for completing the objectives. Next, the resulting model is presented and discussed at length followed by a section about the applications and future work suggestions for this project.