Document Type

Honors Thesis

Publication Date

Spring 5-2016


Ice hockey at the University of Maine is a culture, of sorts. The university has a long tradition of supporting and growing a large fan base around its Division 1 varsity men’s ice hockey team. On the opposite end of that, the university’s female counterpart, the varsity women’s ice hockey team appears to get lost in the fray when discussing the hockey culture at the school. The purpose of this thesis is to tell the story of UMaine’s women’s ice hockey team. From the creation of the team as a club in the late 1970s, the organization battled through a reboot in the early 80s and eventually took on the university when it made its push to achieve the varsity status it has today. Through contacting former players and researching articles from local news sources, including Bangor Daily News and The Maine Campus, this thesis serves as an extended journalistic feature story, detailing and retelling the story of the University of Maine women’s ice hockey team.