Document Type

Honors Thesis

Publication Date

Spring 5-2016


This thesis will find costs for electrical outages on campus. The costs will be for three different major classifications of buildings, and will be done on a square foot-hour basis. The three different classifications are academic, dining, and dormitory space. For each square foot of space that is out of power for an hour, a number will be calculated that will allow for extrapolation onto other buildings of the same classification. This thesis is a case study, and will only cover three different types of buildings determined to be an accurate representation of their classification. Also, only buildings on the West Substation feeders will be considered, as they are attached to the substation with the greatest chance of failure. This thesis begins with a short introduction to set the stage and identify the necessity of this case study. The next segment determines the cost of an academic space, followed by a dining space, followed by a dormitory space. Then, the following segment draws conclusions regarding each space, and speaks to any unaccountables, such as common spaces, conference and meeting rooms, etc.. The final section talks about implications and results, and draws conclusions regarding findings. In order to determine the costs per square foot, information was gathered from Dining Services, Facilities Management, Housing Department, and individuals who work for each department. The results are as follows:

For a square foot of space in a dormitory building, the cost is 1.1 cents/ hour. For a square foot of space in an academic building, the cost is $3.73 dollars/hour. For a square foot of space in a dining building, the cost is 3.2 cents/hour.