Document Type

Honors Thesis

Publication Date

Spring 5-2018


Hirundo Wildlife Refuge partnered with the University of Maine Construction Engineering Technology Department to construct the Trail of the Senses, a three-phase universally accessible outdoor trail system totaling a little over half a mile. The ultimate goal of Trail of the Senses is to maximize accessibility to nature while minimizing the negative effect on the environment, in order to provide better connections and experiences for all. This thesis focuses on the second phase, the Lac d’Or Trail. This trail is a quarter mile long and travels across a berm, through a forest, and culminates in an observation deck of the lake. The trail and observation deck are in accordance with the Forest Service Trail Accessibility Guidelines, and the Forest Service Outdoor Recreation Accessibility Guidelines, which are similar to the Americans with Disabilities Act regulations. Besides the physical design and construction of the project, a major focus was the importance of exposing students to community involvement prior to graduation. This project allowed for students to use their specialized skillset learned through classes and apply it to a project that positively influenced the lives of others.