Honors College

Document Type

Honors Thesis

Publication Date

Spring 5-2017


This project examines personal accounts of music related memories. In January of 2017, an initial survey was launched to reach out into the University of Maine community which asked participants to recount specific music related memories. After receiving 107 responses, the survey was closed in February of 2017. The data was examined and selected from the responses, a list of 30 participants were selected, each with differing life experiences, song choices and well-rounded responses necessary for a successful multimedia portrayal. A total of 17 interviews from this list of 30 were conducted on the University of Maine campus, each session ranging from approximately 10-16 minutes. Each interview was recorded and asked participants more in depth questions regarding their initial survey responses. From these interviews, a total of 7 were chosen to be made into Kinetic Typography pieces. These pieces were to be displayed in the 360-projection room of the IMRC on campus, thus allowing viewers to step into the mind of the interview participant and experience a snapshot of their lives through text, imagery and sound. The goal of this project is to share personal narratives of musically entwined memories in a New Media platform.