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Honors Thesis

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Spring 5-2017


Human trafficking is a rapidly growing problem in the United States. This multibillion dollar criminal industry denies freedom to approximately 21 to 27 million people around the world. Through coercion or withholding of an individual’s legal documents, vulnerable people are forced to perform labor or sexual acts for the benefit or personal gain of others. Over 80% of victims seek medical help during their captivity, but go unnoticed due to healthcare professional’s lack of knowledge and training on the population. This study consisted of a two-step approach. The first involved a literary review of sexual trafficking. Next, a pilot study was conducted where registered nurses in the emergency department were given an educational intervention with a pre and post-survey to monitor knowledge gained. Results showed significant knowledge gain following the educational intervention. This suggests that sexual trafficking educational interventions for registered nurses may aide in the identification and subsequent assistance for sexual trafficking victims.

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Nursing Commons