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Honors Thesis

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Spring 5-2017


This thesis studied the different values people hold towards nature and their relationships with national parks, with the goal of understanding why some people support national parks and why some are against them. It explored a variety of cultures and models as a background for the thesis. It looked at how the different values held by people affected their outlook on national parks, and how influential their culture was on their view of nature. Parks across the world have struggled to resolve the issues that people have with them. These include loss of access to land, economic disadvantages, and cultural issues. This thesis looked at how these problems related to the Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument in Maine and different values through a literature review, interviews, and a review of letters to the editor from Maine newspapers. The research demonstrates that there are some problems with fortress conservation and with co-management. It also demonstrates the importance of culture in people’s outlook on issues with nature. There was some common ground between opponents and proponents, but key differences also existed. It was important to do this research as the issue of Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument continues to become more prominent in Maine.

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