Honors College

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Honors Thesis

Publication Date

Spring 5-2017


Climate change is affecting agricultural practices in Maine and all over the world, and this research aims to highlight the effects of climate change on small-scale Maine farmers. Maine has a highly variable climate as well as a strong tradition in agriculture and thus it is important to understand how the different changes may affect farmers statewide. Ten interviews were conducted with small-scale farmers in western Maine. We ask what farmers are perceiving in terms of climatic changes and how they may be adapting to those ongoing changes. Several adaptations resulted from both shifting temperature and precipitation patterns. This research may be used by other small-scale farmers in Maine as a way to understand what climatic changes fellow farmers are experiencing and what practices they are utilizing as adaptation, to enhance their own farming practices to be more resilient to climate change. Stakeholders who support the farming community in Maine also benefit from such research as it allows them to understand exactly what farmers are experiencing and how they are adapting, ultimately allowing them to provide more effective targeted support strategies.