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In January 2002, the first freestanding mosque in the state of Maine was built near the University of Maine campus. Called the Islamic Center of Maine (ICM), it was established to serve the growing Muslim population in the Orono area, in particular the student and faculty population at the University. The establishment of this Islamic Center was due to the efforts and hard work of Muslim faculty and students, as well as families in the area and generous contributions from Muslims around the United States and other countries. A new, larger center was constructed in 2010, again to meet the need for a larger space for the growing Muslim population. An Islamic center is more than just a mosque; it is a focal point for the Muslim community to gather for celebrations, holidays, education, and much more. It serves many functions, which, in a Muslim majority country, may already be served outside the mosque, such as education, a meeting space, and outreach. This thesis uses oral interviews and documentary sources to tell the history of the ICM, how the Muslim community in Orono practices their religion, and how the ICM plays a role in the larger community through its Outreach Program.