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Grant Application


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Project Period

FY 2009-2010

Event Sponsor

Cultural Affairs and Distinguished Lecture Series

Project Abstract/ Summary

According to the American Turkish Society, Özen Yula is an intemationally successful writer and director. Yula's plays have been translated to English, German, French, Italian, Finnish, Polish, Bulgarian, Bosnian, Japanese, and Arabic. His work is dark, comical, visually daring, and at the forefront of the avant-garde." The School of Performing Arts, together with potential support from the English Dept, and International Programs, would like to bring in Ozen Yula to speak about Turkish Politics and its effect on Theatre and the Arts. This event should have a broad appeal to the local university community in terms of its political, social, and artistic subject matter. It will be marketed to the university at large and presented in Minsky Recital Hall at 3PM on April 28th, 2010.