Bert Call


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Image scanned from black and white negative labeled "Cave on Hunt Trail." Three men are at the narrow entrance to a rockbound cave. Two men are sitting, one standing, and all appear to be in the midst of a campfire picnic. One man squats over the remains of the fire, holding a saucepan in his right hand. Behind him is a woven basket and a paper bag. Behind him, on a rudimentary wooden bench, sit various metal cans and other implements, and a towel hangs from a handy nearby root. The other sitting man looks directly at the camera. He wears a bandana around his neck. The third man is about to pour what may be a cup of coffee from an iron jug into a metal cup. An ax is plunged into a log at this man's feet. The area beyond the cave is well-wooded.


Mount Katahdin (Me.), Hunt Trail (Me.), Piscataquis County (Me.), Men, Caves, Picnics, Axes


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