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Bob Arnold of WLBZ interviews several shoppers to see which of three television sets offers the best picture. Recorded in 1953 at Rice & Tyler's, an electronics store at 74 Central, Bangor, Maine.

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Bangor, Maine, electronics, Taylor family, Plummer Family, Spinney Family, Inman family, Creighton Grant family, Farwell family, Harlow family, Vern Simpson family, Henry Jones family, Wiley family, Wilson family, Farnham family, Atwater family, promotions, products, General Electric, television


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Only the first segment is included as streaming audio; the others are available as downloadable files. All are included in the transcript.

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MS 608

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D 16.20; CD 4, tracks 2-12

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0:48 - 1:30

General Electric TV Spots, Bob Arnold Interviews Several Area Residents


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