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Audio recording of the Town Meeting held in Bangor, Maine, during the visit of U. S. President Carter. After opening remarks on the topic of his comprehensive national energy plan, in which the President indicates that reliance on oil and the resulting high heating costs may ultimately cost Maine jobs, audience members ask questions.

Area residents ask the President about the regulation of business, his stance on the proposed Dickey Lincoln Hydroelectric Project, progress toward national health insurance, mental health care, funding to parochial schools, the platform of the Democratic Party in protecting the underprivileged, wood energy sources, the plan of creating a separate Department of Education, appointment of women to decision-making positions, the Federal Reserve Board, plans for Loring Air Force Base, abortion, Indian Land Claims, the Equal Rights Amendment, student loan default, the job of the President, programs for the handicapped, arms sales in the Middle East, the impact of malpractice insurance on the health care industry, Cyprus, and steps taken to prevent another oil embargo in the United States.

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U.S. Presidents, visits, Penobscot County, Democratic Party, politics, government


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President Jimmy Carter Town Meeting, Bangor, Maine


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