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Maine EPSCoR Annual Report 2019-2020

Maine EPSCoR
Shane Moeykens, Director, Maine EPSCoR
Kody Varahramyan, Vice President for Research and Dean of the Graduate School

Abstract/ Summary

Amidst challenges associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, National Science Foundation (NSF) EPSCoR-funded research and activities across the state have proven themselves to be resilient. Over the past year, Maine EPSCoR (Established Program to Stimulate Competitive Research) has had the great pleasure of participating in and supporting some of the state’s most innovative research. These efforts have made important social, economic, and educational impacts on the state of Maine. The achievements and discoveries highlighted in this annual report only graze the surface of what has been accomplished, and of what is surely yet to come.

Maine EPSCoR’s current Track-1 grant, Molecule to Ecosystem: Environmental DNA as a Nexus of Coastal Ecosystem Sustainability for Maine (or Maine-eDNA) has completed important first steps in establishing protocols and baseline data while conducting initial sampling and analysis in summer and fall 2020. While COVID-19 has brought extensive challenges to many programs and projects supported by NSF EPSCoR, Maine-eDNA and several other EPSCoR grants throughout the state have showcased their ingenuity.


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