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Maine Perspective

Department of Public Affairs, University of Maine
Adrie Nab, Assistant Vice President, Department of Public Affairs, University of Maine
John Baer, Photographer, Department of Public Affairs, University of Maine
Melissa Adams, University of Maine
Kathleen Gaede, University of Maine
Marc Kusinitz, University of Maine
David C. Smith, University of Maine
Scott Wilkerson, University of Maine

Abstract/ Summary

The Maine Perspective, a publication for the University of Maine, was a campus newsletter produced by the Department of Public Affairs which eventually transformed into the Division of Marketing and Communication. Regular columns included "Along the Mall," "Campus Notes," the UM Calendar, Sponsored Programs, Faculty Publications, and employment openings. Included in this issue are articles covering a symposium on World Peace featuring Samantha Smith, Eunice Baumann-Nelson, Robert Chandler Jr., Bernard Lown, and Doris Twitchell Allen, opening of the Counseling Center and Student Health and Substance Abuse Services at Cutler Health Center, and the history of labor in Maine.


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