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Report for the University of Maine. Included in this report are a set of general recommendations for building repository collections and breakdowns of some available collections in each of ten departments/schools. These breakdowns can be particularly useful to the repository manager or a liaison in identifying available collections prior to contacting or presenting to the department. It is recommended that the liaison or point person for each department receive the general recommendations in this report, as well as the breakdown for his or her specific departments. Further research into the collections is also recommended since many lists of publications and other output exist but are not specifically detailed here.

While there is a plethora of material for which a repository would be an appropriate venue, we recommend starting with “low‐hanging fruit,” material that is easily available from those willing to be early adopters, and using that to begin populating the repository with examples that will entice further participation from other faculty and departments. Based on searches of faculty citations in 10 departments at University of Maine, Orono and environmental surveys of 10 departments, the following recommendations can be made.


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