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The University of Maine (UMaine) and University of Maine at Machias (UMM) conducted a first spring flash survey at the end of the second week of classes. Students were asked what concerns they had and what student services they would like to see added or expanded. Some highlights of the responses:

  • Mental health is the top concern for UMaine undergraduate and graduate students, and among the top for UMM. When asked what student services they would like to see added or expanded, students most commonly mentioned counseling and mental health services, and general academic support (including tutoring services, more places to study/join remote classes on campus, and more lenient institutional grading policies).
  • Also at the top of the concerns for UMaine undergraduate respondents were grades and maintaining relationships with friends. For graduate students, in addition to mental health, top concerns were contracting COVID-19 and getting a job upon graduation. For UMM, students also were concerned about getting a job and paying for school.
  • Just over one quarter of UMaine undergraduate respondents and just over one third of UMM undergraduate respondents indicated food insecurity was somewhat of a concern or a concern.


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